13 Reasons to Start Drinking Herbal Tinctures 

Tinctures are highly concentrated herbal extracts that are made by soaking the berries, bark, leaves, flowers, and or/roots of a certain plant in alcohol for an extended period of time (we soak ours for a minimum of 6 weeks.) When making tinctures, developing a relationship of respect and honor with the plants makes their medicine more potent. Herbal tinctures are one of the most efficient and effective ways of ingesting a herbal remedy. Our bodies utilize about 98% of herbal extracts/tinctures but only about 50% of powdered herbs that are taken in capsules or tablets. Take your herbal tinctures with intention and purpose to receive the infinite bounty of these medicinal plants. Incorporating herbal medicinal plants into our daily lives can be deeply healing and restorative to our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. There are so many amazing reasons to incorporate herbal tinctures into your daily life. Here are our top 13 reasons you should try herbal tinctures:

1. They are Affordable, Simple, and Easy to Use 

One of the best things about herbal tinctures is how easy they are to use, and how dynamic and versatile they are. Taking a tincture is as simple as adding a few drops to a glass of water and enjoying any time of day. They don’t need to be refrigerated, so you can keep a bottle at your desk or in your purse, so you never have to miss out. Odds are, adding a few carefully selected tinctures into your daily wellness routine will cost you much less than a visit to Sephora. Herbal tinctures are also incredibly shelf stable, ours last for at least 3 years.

2. They Are Respectful of the Earth

Our tinctures are made in ceremony to the earth, and our herbs are harvested using sustainable and respectful practices. Using only ethically sourced herbs that are organically and locally grown and in most cases using regenerative techniques or wild harvested. There is a spiritual dimension or frequency that comes with using healing herbs that must be tapped into to maximize the benefit, and that requires deep respect for the earth and her abundance. 

3. Tinctures are Empowering

Tinctures are a great way to take control of your own wellness and spiritual journey. These sacred herbs have the power to uplift and empower you. Medicinal herbal plants such as Rose and Holy Basil work to anchor you into unconditional love and ask you to consider whether you are allowing yourself to be guided by your heart. Spirit Rising is an uplifting heart tonic that helps to calm anxiety and supports the journey of your heart. 

4. Transformative/Healing 

Whether it is physical healing from an injury or illness or mental or emotional healing from past trauma, the right tincture can be the best companion for a journey towards healing and inner peace. Our Strong Roots tincture contains Ashwagandha and Shatavari Root which nourish your roots to restore your vital force. This tincture will help you meet your daily challenges from a strong center so you can show up every day feeling grounded and energetic.

5. Boost Your Manifestation and Meditation Practices 

Tinctures containing Mugwort and Blue Lotus Leaf help you to tune into the vibration of your third eye Chakra, strengthening your psychic powers and opening yourself up to divine guidance. You can use our High Priestess tincture as a tool for tapping into your intuition with deep trust and reverence to the wisdom of spirit.

6. Tinctures and Improve your Skin 

For stubborn or chronic skin issues, herbal tinctures can help to solve these issues by targeting a different area of the body. Herbs such as Dandelion Root and Milk thistle seeds work by enhancing the body’s natural detoxification pathways and having a soothing effect that reduces redness and inflammation. You can use our Venus Glow beauty tincture to work together with your topical treatments and existing skincare routine. 

7. They Can Boost your Immune System

Some tinctures can work to boost your immune system and support the overall health of your body. Some of the best immune-boosting herbs are Ashwagandha, Astragalus, and Elderberry. Our Immune Warrior tincture activates your immune system for ultimate protection against pathogens and gives your stamina a boost when you are feeling depleted.

8. Tinctures Can Improve your Sex Life

Herbal tinctures that contain adaptogenic or aphrodisiac herbs such as Damiana, Cacao bean, and Kava Root can help to bring pleasure that is healing and blissful. These herbs work to stimulate the circulatory system, bringing blood flow to the heart and its surrounding area, helping you to feel present and connected. Try our Sex Magick aphrodisiac tincture and see for yourself! 

9. Tinctures Promote Relaxation and Good sleep

For those who experience sleep difficulties related to an overactive or restless mind, tinctures can be a great option. California poppy, Lemon balm, Passionflower, and Hops are all herbs that work to calm the nervous system without the addictive qualities of pharmaceutical medications. Our Dark Moon tincture contains California poppy, Passionflower, and Hops, and promotes deep rest and spiritual renewal. 

10. They Support the Chakras 

Our tinctures are designed to support and protect the Chakras. The Chakras are sacred energy centers in the body and ideally are in a state of being open and aligned. When the Chakras become blocked or out of balance, we may experience feelings of tension, stress, feeling out of sorts, blocked creative energy, difficulty understanding our feelings or those of others, to name a few. Tinctures that contain specially selected healing herbs can be incredibly beneficial when used to unblock or rebalance the Chakras. Herbal tinctures are highly effective in helping to restore a feeling of balance within the body, bringing alignment and peace.

11. Buying Tinctures is Supporting Small Business

Tinctures are not made by corporations or pharmaceutical companies, and you can’t buy them at Walmart. When you purchase a high-quality herbal tincture, you are supporting a small business. Odds are, you are directly helping someone to buy their groceries or purchase gifts for the holidays. You are also supporting an ethical and sustainable industry involving practices that are many centuries old. 

12. Experience Real Magick 

You could think of herbal tinctures as potions or elixirs. They contain all the magic of the plants from which they are made, as well as the powerful magic of the moon. They are brewed during the new moon and bottled during the full moon to carry the most expansive and magical vibrations. Taking herbal tinctures daily is a wonderful way to invite a little bit of plant magic into every day. 

13. Tinctures Help us Connect with the Earth and Support our Spirit 

Incorporating herbal tinctures into your daily routine is a great way to reconnect with the earth and invite the power and abundance of these sacred herbs and plants into your life. Tinctures and herbal medicine have been practiced around the world by many cultures for centuries. Drinking herbal tinctures helps us to connect with nature, the spirits of our ancestors, and the deep-rooted spirituality that comes with reaping the benefits of plant medicine. Drinking herbal tinctures can support your wellness in so many ways, and depending on which one you choose, they can have incredible benefits for the health of your body, mind, and spirit. There is so much emphasis on physical and mental wellness today, it is important to spend the same amount of energy on protecting and optimizing our expansive spiritual energy. Tinctures can help you to shine your brightest, to take up space, and feel wild, free, and grounded.

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