Herbal Medicine for Women

Experiencing life as a woman has a different meaning for all of us, but one thing that is common to all as mothers, daughters, sisters, spouses, friends, and colleagues, is the unconscious habit of giving endlessly. For many women, this outward flow of energy can be draining and exhausting. This is where sacred medicinal herbs can be powerful allies. Incorporating herbal medicine into your daily wellness practice will help to fuel your body, mind, and spirit, even when you’re carrying a particularly heavy load. When we take time to fill our own cup, in turn we have more energy to share with those around us. Here are 6 of our favorite herbs for supporting women’s health and wellness:


Damiana is celebrated for its immense spiritual and feminine powers and has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac and relaxant for females. This ancient and sacred herb has been used as a sexual stimulant, mood enhancer, and reproductive support in herbal medicine all over the world. It is most commonly used for boosting a woman’s libido by increasing circulation and sensitivity to the female organs. The Damiana plant has bright yellow flowers that highlight its joyful, solar energy, giving a boost of desire and sexual energy to those who may be struggling with a low libido related to depression or anxiety. 

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The word ‘Shatavari’ means “woman with a thousand husbands'' and was traditionally used in Ayurvedic herbal medicine. It is a highly dynamic and versatile medicinal herb that can be used for nourishing and strengthening the female reproductive systems and organs. Not only does Shatavari increase libido in women, but it also supports healthy mucous production, supports the ovaries, and has been shown to help prevent miscarriages. Shatavari can also benefit female health in ways such as increased breast milk production as well as providing support and nourishment to the mother and fetus during pregnancy. Finally, this healing and nourishing herb has been linked to stabilizing one’s mood and emotions throughout the menstrual cycle. 

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Dandelion Root

For generations, Dandelion Root has been used in traditional Chinese and Native American medicine, primarily to treat stomach and liver conditions. Today, herbalists all over the world use Dandelion Root to help treat many common health problems. It has long been praised by traditional herbalists and healers as incredibly nourishing, strengthening to the liver, and offering strong support for detoxification of the body. By supporting the liver and detox systems of the body, Dandelion Root also helps to alleviate certain skin conditions such as eczema or acne, resulting in a clearer and brighter skin tone and thicker, fuller hair. 

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Lion's Mane Mushroom  

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom that is celebrated for its ability to boost brain function. It works to protect against dementia and memory loss, as well as reduce mild symptoms related to depression and anxiety. This powerful mushroom also helps the nervous system regenerate. Research has shown that Lion’s mane works to regenerate brain cells and improve the functioning of the part of the brain that is responsible for processing memories and emotional responses. While stimulating the growth of brain cells, Lion’s Mane also helps to prevent neural damage, reduce brain fog and improve overall focus. As women, we often struggle with trying too much or juggling too many things. 

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Motherwort is a member of the mint family and a potent herb that has been used especially for women's health in traditional medicine for centuries. There are many benefits of Motherwort, ranging from its effectiveness as a healing herb and natural heart tonic to its calming properties. Often used as a support for the female reproductive system, Motherwort also possesses healing properties for both the physical and emotional heart. Motherwort can be used as an ally for women in all life cycles, as it helps to establish a healthy rhythm in the body, which is most notably felt in your heart rate and menstrual cycle. It also reduces cramping, regulates blood pressure, nourishes the heart, and reduces stress-induced palpitations. It has a cooling nature which helps to reduce irritability and aids in the release of anger or pain from one’s heart. 

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The Rose is a deeply sacred and uplifting flower that possesses the highest vibration of all plants. It represents passion, beauty, pleasure, and the divine feminine spirit. Its beautiful scent opens the heart and helps to release emotional tension. In many traditional herbal medicine practices, the heart is believed to be the seat of consciousness, the sacred space where your spirit resides. The scent of the Rose is a portal to this sacred center, a place of deep listening and stillness where you can connect with your deepest self and be present in the moment. Rose also has long been used as a natural digestive aid, for soothing menstrual cramps, and reducing inflammation. This sacred flower is also full of antioxidants and possesses microbial properties that can help protect against harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. 

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Invite Herbal Medicine into your Life

Since the dawn of humanity, women have had a strong connection with nature’s bounty and the nourishing herbs and plants of the earth. Women who were healers, medicine women, foragers, midwives, and witches have passed down the traditions of practicing herbal medicine through generations. These women are responsible for keeping herbalism alive and thriving across the globe. Throughout the life of each woman, there are a handful of natural transitions that are dictated by the hormones, which are the messengers of the body. From the onset of menstruation, through puberty, the child-bearing years, and into the natural transition into menopause, a woman's body is naturally designed to change and evolve. Beyond making simple healthy lifestyle choices, there is an abundance of ways that women can support their hormonal and reproductive wellness through herbal medicine. Take time to explore these herbs and invite their abundance of benefits into your life. 

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