How to Manifest your Dreams Using Herbal Medicine

Manifestation isn’t only about positive energy or “Good vibes only”, and it won’t come from visualizing until you’re cross eyed either. The success of manifesting your dreams, whether they are related to love, money, career, family, or creativity, comes from deep-rooted feelings of self-worth and self-awareness. Repairing old wounds, shifting patterns of behavior or reaction, and learning to curate and control your subconscious is the foundation of all variations of manifestation practices. 

Manifestation is an exercise in trust, and these skills can develop and strengthen like muscles as we practice and perfect them. Sacred plants and medicinal herbs can be powerful aids during manifestation and can boost the power of one’s earthly spirit, energy, and universal power. There are many ways that magical plants and herbs can help to strengthen the powers of the mind and spirit and aid in a successful manifestation. 

The art of manifestation can look different for each unique person, and what works for one might not work for the other. One piece of the manifestation picture that is consistent for all is the importance of dedicating time every day, and being intentional with your rituals. Our Manifestation collection of tinctures are designed to support your manifestation practices however they may look, and work to uplift the spirit and make all your wildest dreams come true. Some of the most ancient and effective forms of manifestation are:

Meditation and Divination 

Meditation and Divination are practices involving one’s intuition and trust in divine guidance. The goal is to shift one’s consciousness, opening the Third Eye Chakra and increasing one’s psychic abilities. It is through meditation that one can move energy and heal stagnation with ease, and with the help of some ancient healing plants, calm the nervous system which can be a powerful asset in manifestation. 

Healing herbs such as Mugwort, Blue Vervain Flowers, and Blue Lotus Leaf help you to tap into your intuition, solidifying a deep trust and respect for the divine wisdom of the spirit. They will also help to calm the nerves and release tension, allowing you to be open to the deep gifts of abundance and joy that await. Try these ancient healing remedies in our High Priestess tincture.

Spell Casting  

Spell casting is another powerful form of manifestation that has been practiced for centuries around the world. It is an expression of one’s truth and can be part of a journey towards alignment of one’s words and actions. Spell casting also requires a deep rooted connection to the energies of the four directions: earth, fire, water and air. These directions align one with the cosmos, allowing divine guidance and protection to flow as one is empowered to cast their spells and make their voice be heard. 

Some of the most effective medicinal herbs for supporting the ritual of spell casting are Thyme, Rosemary, and Black Sage. They work to open the Throat Chakra allowing for creative and authentic self-expression and the clarity and courage to speak up and express one’s truth. They also work to improve one’s memory and purify the mind, leaving the door open for powerful manifestation. Let our Incantation tincture guide you on your spell casting journey. 


Creating in a meaningful way can also be a meaningful way to manifest your dreams. The presence of joy and creative energy encourages you to be your true authentic self, to let your light shine brightly, and share your gifts with the world. Some of the most potent plants for boosting creative energy are Butterfly Blue Pea flower, Schisandra, and Hibiscus. These plants encourage you to unleash your wild side and be present in the moment. They help you to connect with your senses and balance the Sacral Chakra. They are a reminder that each day is a new opportunity to breathe fresh air into your creative endeavors and be brave as you embark on new ones. Let our adaptogenic tonic Triple Goddess support your creative spirit as you manifest your dreams and feel the abundance of life flow through you. 

Trust Yourself and the Divine Spirit

Incorporating some of the world’s most ancient and powerful medicinal herbs into your manifestation rituals and practices will go a long way towards making your deepest dreams and desires come true.  Pay attention to the cycles of the moon as you make your plans and begin your manifestation practice. It is through reverence, ceremony, and prayer with oneself and the divine spirit, particularly during the new and full moons, that you will receive the most expansive energy and magical vibrations. 

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