New to tinctures? Here's how to take them.

Some of you may have never taken a tincture before (we'll refer to you as baby witches) where others have, but with any new tincture it's great to have a better understanding of their uses no matter your level of witch.

When should I take my tinctures?

We encourage you to listen to your intuition when determining when to take your tinctures! Tinctures are not pharmaceuticals and developing a relationship with the plants makes their medicine more potent. We also encourage you to choose times that are most convenient for you so they can more easily find a place in your daily routine. With that said, there's a few that are best taken on a consistent basis to allow their restorative effects to fully support you:

Strong Roots

Venus Glow

Sacred Heart

You'll want to add these to a drink or glass of water each day. We suggest adding one to your coffee, tea, or breakfast drink as it will give it a boost and it's easiest to incorporate and maintain. When it comes to journeying with multiple blends, we invite you to space them out so you can tune into your body and notice how you feel after taking each one. For example, you may add Venus Glow to your morning drink, Strong Roots to your water bottle or lunch drink, and Sacred Heart to your dinner drink. It's really up to you!

Immune Warrior is best saved for a time when you feel like you may be getting sick or are interacting with folks who may be sick. It triggers an acute response in your immune system, meaning that it gives it a boost and puts it to work. If you think about your immune system as an army protecting your body, Immune Warrior mobilizes your troops. However, because it is so stimulating to your immune system, it's best to save it for the times when it's most needed. Taking it daily for extended periods of time can lead to burnout so be sure to give yourself some breaks. With that said, when you do need it, it's safe to take often throughout the day. Even once an hour or however often you feel called to take it. 

Incantation and Sex Magick are formulas that spark creativity and can be taken as needed. Maybe you are working on a project or looking for a mood booster. Feel free to enjoy these as often as you'd like. You can take them throughout the day or from time to time. You can also take these straight without diluting so they can be fun allies to carry around with you.

Spirit Rising is similar in that you can take directly and as often as needed. It's also a good one to carry around with you for times when you may feel anxious or just need that calking energy of taking a deep exhale. Feel free to take this one as often as you'd like, especially on days when you may be feeling weighed down. 

High Priestess is recommended to take in a more intentional way. Take time to set up a ceremonial space and use this tincture to drop in to your meditation practice. This is an ally for going inwards so it will be most powerful when our environment is in alignment and supports our ability to go deeper. If you're taking this one later at night, notice what comes up in your dreams. They may be very vivid and even lucid! We  encourage you to have a dream journal by your bedside when working with this potion. 

Dark Moon works the opposite as High Priestess in that it leads to deep, dreamless sleep. Like those nights when your head hits the pillow and the next thing you know it's morning and you can't recall any dreams. This is the most restful type of sleep and encouraged when we just need a break.

Focus Pocus can be taken daily or as needed. It's another good one to put in your morning coffee to get your day started in a focused, state of flow. It's great before work, studying, learning, or even diving into a repetitive task. 

We hope this helps but remember, there is no wrong way to do this! Tune in to your intuition, experiment, and listen to your body for feedback.

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