Nourishing Herbs - Damiana: Age Old Aphrodisiac

Damiana is one of nature’s Ancient aphrodisiacs which has long been celebrated for its strong feminine and spiritual powers. It is a low growing shrub, with fragrant leaves and yellow flowers, which highlight its solar, cheerful, and joyful energy. It is found mostly in hot and humid climates, in places such as southern Texas, Mexico, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Damiana is most widely known as an aphrodisiac, but its abundant health promoting and healing properties have been used and praised over millennia, and it is widely used in herbal medicine around the world today. 

Origins and History

This magical and powerful herb has a long and rich history of being used as an aphrodisiac, as well as being used as a natural healing remedy for countless ailments or complaints. Damiana has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, specifically in Latin American cultures such as the Mayans, Aztecs and Guaycura. It was traditionally brewed from the leaves of the plant as a leaf tonic or a tea that was sweetened with sugar. It was also common for the leaves to be burnt to produce a potent and intoxicating aroma, a practice often done during sacred religious ceremonies. It was recorded that the native peoples of Mexico would often consume a tonic of Damiana before embarking on long journeys, to protect themselves from disease and to help them endure hardships.

The name of this sacred and ancient herb comes from the Greek word Daman / Damia which means to subdue or tame. Its scientific name: Turnera aphrodisiaca,has the term aphrodisiac within it, which originates from the Greek Goddess of love, passion and pleasure: Aphrodite.

Uses and How it Works

Damiana is used as a tonic which engages the nervous, circulatory and hormonal systems of the body. Its most popular use is as an aphrodisiac, known to boost the female libido, reduce male impotence, boost sexual pleasure, enhance one’s mood and even in some cases has been known to boost fertility. It works by slowly and thoroughly stimulating the circulatory system, bringing blood to the peripherals and heart centre. It also stimulates the intestinal tract, allowing more oxygen and blood to reach the genital area. It is known to boost energy, especially when enthusiasm for sexual pleasure is depleted by a struggle with moods, lethargy, depression or anxiety. Damiana is believed to mimic testosterone, and has an enhancing and stimulating effect on the body. It is known to be “Yang Nourishing” and targets the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is the watery realm of feelings, sexuality, and pleasure. It relates to your sense of self in relationship with another energy and is a place to incubate ideas and nourish your dreams. When used as an aphrodisiac, damiana is most effective when consumed prior to lovemaking, however its effects and benefits can be enjoyed anytime, and it is known to produce sensual and erotic dreams. 

Damiana is also commonly used and celebrated as a natural remedy for anxiety and depression, as well as other mental health or mood disorders. Its effects are felt especially by those who may be feeling sluggish, stuck, lethargic, heavy or cool. It helps to improve the mood and lift the spirit when feeling out of sorts, upset, irritable or angry. It also works to quiet the mind, and allow one to let go of past hurt and trauma. This can be deeply healing for someone who is struggling with dark or intrusive feelings or thoughts.

This potent and fiery herb has also been shown as effective treatment for urinary or bladder issues in women, as well as aid digestion and relieve constipation, soothe a cough or sore throat, and relieve headaches, to name a few. 

Damiana is beautifully fragrant, and is often used to make liquor or add flavour to dishes. It also makes for a gorgeous and delicious elixir.

Damiana benefits


The benefits of Damiana are vast and varied. While its most popular use is as an aphrodisiac, there are many ways to experience and receive the gifts of this gentle tonic herb. Damiana is known as a warming herb, and is often used to reduce pain and inflammation, balance hormonal issues, aid in digestion, remedy sleep issues and provide a natural feeling of general wellness.

Damiana supports and nourishes the relationship and connection between our mind, spirit and body. It reminds us of the pleasure of being present in our own bodies. Damiana is considered safe and suitable for nearly everyone. It heightens awareness of the senses, and increases our sensory capacity, ultimately enriching the experience of being present in one’s body, and the experience of sharing our pleasure and body with another.

If you are looking to boost your sensual vitality and creative spirit, or are looking for a natural heart opener and mood elevator, look no further than one of nature’s greatest plant allies. Let the power of this sacred herbal medicine uplift and empower you. Get to know damiana in our Sex Magick tincture. Tune into your senses, open your heart, and honour your sacred sensuality.

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