The Sacred Art of Being a Witch



This is the time of year when light is shone upon the darkest and most mysterious aspects of our earthly lives. The veil that separates the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest. One of the most ancient and powerful figures in the world of the supernatural is the witch. Over the centuries, witches have gone by many names and forms and have been praised and feared for being healers, seductresses, midwives, poisoners, and crones. Witchcraft is defined as the practice of supernatural skills and abilities, with various meanings and significance across the globe. The idea of being a witch or practicing magick has become increasingly popular over recent years because it offers a way to tap into nature’s ways, the spirits of the earth, and our deep inner wisdom. 

Moon Magic

For centuries, the cycles of the moon have been believed to hold incredible power and wisdom. Each phase of the moon represents different energy and possesses power related to various areas of life. The Dark Moon (or new moon) represents the Crone Goddess energy, as is an ideal time to “clean house” or tie up loose ends, release that which does not serve you, and clear your energy to make space for the new.  

Each successive quarter contains its own unique magick and spirits that can be tapped into and benefitted from. The first quarter (known as the Waxing Moon) represents Maiden Goddess energy and is the best time for growth, working towards reaching goals, and creating. 

The Full Moon symbolizes the energy of the Mother Goddess, she is full and round and glowing with health and life. It is a time of abundance and ripeness and invites you to honor your life and the vastness of the universe. The Full Moon is a time to celebrate all that you have created and to bask in the love that surrounds you. 

Finally, the Waning Moon (3rd quarter) is a time of dark goddesses and is ideal for reflecting and resting. This is not the time to begin new projects, but to work on those which you have already started. This Waning Moon energy is softer, peaceful, and solitary. During this time, make time to dream, meditate, and journal.  

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Green Magic 

Green magic is the unexplained and unseen energy and force of the earth. It is the natural magic that is alive in nature, it surrounds us but not everyone is aware of it or open to its possibilities. Ancient mystics and witches, who lived their lives free of the complexities of the modern world, were far more in touch with the mysterious forces that were all around them.  From the changing of the seasons, and the sublime miracle of growth and rebirth every spring, to animal lore, and the return of the sun after winter, these natural phenomena are now dismissed simply because we have a “scientific” understanding of them. 

Practicing Green Magic can be as simple as enjoying a hot bath infused with nourishing herbs (that’s a relaxation potion!) or spending time in nature and feeling present in that deep connection with the spirit of the earth. Sometimes green witches are referred to as garden or forest witches and use sacred herbs and plants in their spells and rituals. 

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Manifestation & Spell Casting

It is widely believed that spell-casting requires an immense amount of studying and practice before they can be successful but the truth is, anyone can cast spells and manifest dreams.  Creating a spell doesn’t require an animal skull or a full moon and you don’t need a coven or a cauldron either. Even if it sounds like it could be fun. Performing a spell is as simple as setting or speaking your intention and then conducting a significant ritual, which could be lighting incense or a candle or meditation practice, to fulfill it. 

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Tarot, Astrology, & Oracles

Cosmic witches or “Star Witches” look to astrology, and the cosmos and incorporate these elements in alignment with the divine celestial energy into their practice. They often follow the planets and the movements of the stars and base their spells and rituals on the different placements and formations that occur. 

Tarot and Oracle card reading is one of the most ancient and widespread forms of divination, with some cards dating back as far as the 400s, and is increasing with popularity these days. There are so many beautifully illustrated tarot and oracle decks available to buy, and reading these cards doesn’t require extensive research or practice either. When reading the cards you must remember that all whatever answers we seek exist innately within the cards, with each one possessing an illustration of a circumstance, person, or possible outcome. 

Samhain & Halloween  

As we walk into the time of the dark moon and Samhain, this is the time to leave behind that which no longer serves us. With winter approaching we do not want to carry anything extra or unnecessary which will burden us on our journey. This is a good time to purge or clean your home and burn and consume sacred cleansing herbs.

This time of year is also a time when it is believed that the spirits of the departed are walking the earth and the veil that divides the worlds is thin. For witches, this is a time to turn inward and be reflective and reach towards the realms of darkness, of the unconscious, and of our ancestors. This is also the time to perform protection rituals such as putting salt on your doorways or consuming a strengthening herbal tincture 

A Note about Cultural Appropriation  

One of the most appealing things about modern witchcraft is the sentiment that one can reclaim their power through a vast world of spiritual mysticism. This world often borrows from the specific spiritual practices of people who face oppression. Witchcraft is different from religion in that it purposely avoids the use of strict rules, and has no definitive “wrong” or “right” ways to practice it. In turn, that open nature, with its modern aesthetic appeal, can be deeply harmful.

The good news is there are ways to practice magick without continuing to cause damage. You can start by taking the time to learn about the colonial history of witchcraft and avoiding practices and rituals that are not meant for you, creating your own rituals, and discovering the many Latinx, Indigenous, and Black witches who practice their craft online have clear actionable advice for what we can all do to do better. Of course, there are widely varying opinions, and individuals from oppressed communities have highly different views and ideas on these issues. Being an Anti-racist and anti-colonialist witch involves daily work, regardless of if you’re a baby witch or a witch that’s seen many moons.

Stay Magical, Witches!

While the word ‘witch’ often conjures images of an old woman with warts on her nose flying away on her broomstick, the reality is today’s witches may look and act just as everyone else does and observe their practice just as others do a religion, meditation or well-being routine. You may have discovered by the end of this article that you already are a baby witch! 

Let us remove negative thoughts and feelings from the depth of our souls on the day of Samhain. Celebrate the evening with people you love and you shall be blessed with a great year ahead. Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain from all of us at Wild Return Botanicals. 

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